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Shower Liner Rockville MDWhat is a shower liner, and why would you want to have one installed in your home in Rockville, Maryland? Shower liners provide people the opportunity to beautify their bathrooms affordably. They are made of nonporous acrylic and can be installed without the need for any messy, time-consuming tear outs. The installation of a shower liner will provide you that new bathroom look without draining your bank account. Unlike ceramic, which is porous, and unlike marble and granite, which are expensive, acrylic is a highly economical material that is easy to clean and not susceptible to the growth of mildew and mold.

At Herl’s Bath & Tile Solutions, a full-service bathroom remodeler serving Rockville, MD, we believe that it shouldn’t be difficult, messy, or expensive for you to update a bathroom in your home. In just one day, we can install a shower liner that is immediately ready for you to use. The liners that we offer are:

  • Durable – Acrylic is a tough material that will not chip or crack.
  • Beautiful – We offer a wide variety of styles and colors for you to choose from, including acrylic wall systems that closely imitate natural stone and tile.
  • Affordable – Having a shower liner installed costs a fraction of a full gut and remodel, with very similar results.
  • Easy to clean – Because it’s nonporous, acrylic doesn’t require a lot of effort to keep clean. Just occasionally wipe it down with a damp sponge and warm water.

Herl’s Bath & Tile Solutions is an established business with a long track record of providing exceptional service to its customers. Overall, we provide better value than most other contractors, especially big contractors and big box home improvement stores that have a tendency to focus less on customer service and more on the bottom line. We have been a trusted contractor since 1991 and have a team of highly conscientious installers with many years of experience.

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