A wide variety of wall surrounds in different sizes and colors help you customize your bathroom, from tall ceilings to odd shaped walls to wainscoting. All panels are oversized, and are custom cut at the job site for a perfect fit!

Herls inc - Wall SurroundsSmooth Wall Surrounds

Herl’s acrylic walls are non-porous, easy to maintain, high-quality acrylic. Once your acrylic wall system is installed, the glossy, easy-to-clean, durable acrylic stays looking new for many years.

Herls inc - Wall SurroundsTile Look Wall Surrounds

Our exclusive tile look wall panels are made of the same high-quality durable acrylic and are available in 4×4, 6×8, and our new 12×12 style, along with a 4×4 sculpted tile.

Acrylic Wainscoting

Herls inc - Wall SurroundsFor an over-the-top look, finish your bathroom walls with acrylic wainscoting. Along with a unique look, this offers the same water protection benefits as in the bathing area, and cleaning remains a cinch!Pictured is our exclusive patented beaded wainscoting. Note how the chair rail trim is molded right into the piece. Also available as a flat panel with a standard bend for edging.


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